Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Lone Star Left

Too often, Americans criticize their ideological opposites without having a firm understanding of the history of that ideology. This ignorance often leads to false charges, generalisations and ad hominem attacks.

Obviously, most people see Texas as a predominately conservative state (and that is largely true), but they tend to overlook and/or ignore the tradition of the Left in Texas and its place in Texas history.

In The Texas Left, David Cullen and Kyle Wilkison aid in furthering our understanding of political history and have put together a collection of essays that cover the history of the Left in Texas.

Beginning with the Radical Republicans and continuing through to the modern era, the authors cover the plethora of movements that have risen and fallen over the course of Texas history: the Texas Farmers Alliance, the Populists, the Socialist Party, the Labour movements (unionism in Texas), the Civil Rights movement, feminism, and the Tejano Left (LULAC, MALDEF, etc.). Some, like the Socialist Party, were short lived while others have had a more lasting impact.

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